Top 5 Most Innovative Outsourcing Technology Trends

When it comes to the banking industry, 40% of help desk positions are outsourced. Based on the estimations, the IT industry will be worth $413 billion by the end of this year. Statistics on outsourcing show 70% of the IT industry market worth will originate from outsourcing by the end of 2021. Outsourcing eliminates the need for hiring employees and buying employee healthcare while still providing a solid boost to those mentioned above. The said companies employed people in various sectors, spanning from technology and call centers to human resources and manufacturing. 75% of the companies are using RPA in order to support the remote workforce.

Gartner’s Gaurav Gupta and Kanishka Chauhan explore the global chip shortage’s origins and discuss future silicon supply trends. Nearly 90% of survey respondents believe both providers and buyers will be focused on value and outcomes. Offshoring trends show that Nike outsources the work to five countries. Jobs lost to outsourcing statistics say that over 37,000 jobs were lost due to outsourcing from March to July 2020. Outsourcing statistics by country say that companies outsourcing to the Philippines can reduce their wage payouts by up to 90%.

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  • Another company spurred innovation through a gain-sharing relationship.
  • The AI Industry has grown significantly over the past few years, making it one of the top IT Outsourcing Trends 2023.
  • But, you might have a question like – how is it going to work for the digital transformation of my business?
  • They can delegate the development of their most important IT projects, enterprise architecture, or other core competencies to the external team while keeping the management at their end.

An Atomico’s report found that $41 billion was invested in European tech. By comparison with the results of 2019, Ukraine’s capital investments in technology increased by $4M. Before jumping into the trends, let take a look at the list of the most outsourced IT functions in 2017, according to Statista. ARDEM increases your visibility to your consumption and spending data for all of your utility bills. RPA allows us to keep up with the increased cost-efficiency and productivity demands of our clients. Or call center services, you can count on us to utilize top-of-the-line technology for your business’s advantage.


Job outsourcing helps US companies be competitive in the global marketplace. Therefore, they have overseas branches operating in foreign markets. Technology, call centers, human resources, and manufacturing are the four most often outsourced industries. The outsourced customer care services industry will be worth $110 billion by 2024. Boston Consulting Group partners with leaders in business and society to tackle their most important challenges and capture their greatest opportunities.

It highlighted the many gaps in their preparedness for disruptive times. Many businesses came to a standstill while others saw their operations, sales, and business relations decreasing. Operating in China still remains complex and we advise clients to invest enough time up-front to make these ventures work.

technology outsourcing trends

U.S. outsourcing statistics from 2020 show only 19.4% of marketers observed a change in the outsourcing marketing activities during the pandemic. IBM has a revenue of $76.5 billion and a market cap of $105.66 billion. In addition to that, based on the outsourcing jobs facts, there are 383,800 people working for this multinational technology giant based in New York.

How to get IT Outsourcing Right in 2023?

Growing acceptance of digital technologies that includes cloud computing, IoT and big data analytics are uplifting the operation technology security market size. Strict data privacy regulations that includes GDPR and CCPA are boosting the market share. Also, rising awareness about the market is the other factor expected to boost the global operation technology security industry share over the projection period. Further, growing demand for remote management and monitoring is propelling the operation technology security market demand and is anticipated to maintain its dominance over the forecast period.

technology outsourcing trends

For instance, accounting and IT services make up 37% of all outsourced jobs, whereas digital marketing makes up another 34%. Around 37% of small businesses use outsourcing to handle at least one of their business processes, the latest offshoring statistics indicate. 65% of CISOs outsourced 21%–30% of their cyber operations, outsourcing statistics report.

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Choosing the best country to outsource to depends mostly on the industry. For example, a survey shows that India is the best country for offshoring. In addition, India’s business environment is attractive to many companies because of the people’s skills and availability. Finally, technological advancement also enables companies to outsource jobs reliably and efficiently, contributing to outsourcing popularity. Walmart is one of the top five US companies that outsource jobs overseas.

For example, design and business analysis were handled by one company, development by another, and further technical support and updates by a third. However, IT outsourcing trends today support the creation of long-term cooperation with specialized partners on all issues. In this way, the software provider becomes practically part of the team. Equally important is a quick response to technology outsourcing trends. In 2023, companies that keep up with innovation will be ahead of the competition, which applies to outsourcers, businesses, and startups. Last but not least, this IT outsourcing trend is related to the robotization of businesses.

technology outsourcing trends

Companies are beginning to invest heavily in this technology to handle and mine massive amounts of data in order to improve user experience. Rather than developing their own AI tools and strategies, which might require a significant amount of time, many businesses outsource this function to outside vendors specializing in this area. Companies must be capable of adapting their sourcing cycle to capture value being created in the marketplace. By creating an innovation framework, and using that framework to select, contract, and govern vendor relationships, companies can capture new value, and build an innovation advantage. Since many industries are now actively digitizing, there is an IT outsourcing trend for narrowly specialized teams. For example, healthcare, logistics, and FinTech require high expertise to create software that can provide high customer satisfaction and business efficiency.

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Further the company has made 9 acquisitions and spent more than $ 422M for the acquisitions. It has invested in various sectors that includes IT Operations, Cybersecurity and others. Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American multinational corporation headquartered in San Jose, California. The company is generally known as Cisco and is a top leading networking company recognized as a producer and vendor of networking appliances. The specialized sectors of the company include Wireless, Networking, Data Center, Security, Unified Computing Systems, Cloud, Virtualization, Unified Communication, and Collaboration. Also, the company helps ventures to connect and observe devices, compute and manage data, and secure and automate operations.

technology outsourcing trends

In this case, innovation can be defined as changes to an existing process or technology that result in a measurable benefit for the customer. Extracting and measuring its value requires a multipronged approach with a keen focus on expectations, motivations, and governance. Based in the CEE region, the Cleveroad team has over 120 in-house engineers, and together we have completed over 170 successful projects. It is imperative for us to be on the wave with modern trends in IT outsourcing to help startups and large and small businesses bring their ideas to life. It is essential to understand that IT outsourcing is not only about writing code to create software.

Using modern technology

QCon London brings together the world’s most innovative senior software engineers across multiple domains to share their real-world implementation of emerging trends and practices. Flexibility, agility, scalability, and technology enablement it outsourcing trends are top concerns. However, cost holds the power to make or break an outsourcing relationship. The final decision to hand in the contract is once again driven by cost, no matter how much one talks about the other benefits.

HR consulting is the most common service among HR outsourcing organizations.

Hiring help desk workers from a service provider is one of the services that helped establish the IT outsourcing industry. However, help desk outsourcing trends suggest that help desk outsourcing is not that frequent in the IT sector. As a matter of fact, barely a fifth of IT companies employ these positions from a third party. Business process outsourcing is closely related to information technology outsourcing because many business processes are technology-based.

To elaborate on these services and our consultative approaches, you can check out the homepage of our website. Meet customers’ new demands – Panasonic IoT-enabled futuristic refrigerators which notifies you of the fridge conditions, grocery item stocks, etc. Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that enables machines & gadgets to learn from the data and provide results based on the learning or data analysis. These outsourcing models, unlike the types of outsourcing, solely represent the nature of collaboration with the vendor. As outsourcing gives access to work with experts in different fields, reputable brands like Google, Apple, Facebook outsource to vendors for their work.

Blockchain development outsourcing is the process of finding an external third-party provider to take on the development and management of your blockchain technology. Generally, companies outsource a business process such as IT services and human resource management to an external BPO company. Outsourcing services such as customer support improves the customer experience and lowers operational costs significantly. Although India and China dominate the IT outsourcing industry, many tech businesses today are outsourcing tasks to Eastern Europe. Cloud outsourcing is essential to access other modern technologies like AI, RPA, and machine learning.

With outsourcing, businesses can hire programmers and developers to work on technology upgrades while their in-house teams can focus on managing their ongoing business and core competencies. To avoid such a scenario in the future, companies today are actively seeking solutions to upgrade their technologies and fast-track their digital transformation. The recent past has shown us the importance of technology in surviving critical times. This is especially true for businesses that lacked the infrastructure to support remote operations in global lockdown and faced a major loss of efficiency and productivity due to the same.

The “pool” included a clause detailing a research session with thought leaders from both companies. The session ultimately solidified the partnership and demonstrated the effectiveness of the funding. Another company spurred innovation through a gain-sharing relationship. This structure motivated the vendor to pursue breakthrough innovation and was a win-win for both parties. Defining and incenting innovation is an important step for realizing innovation value in ITO. To keep pace with the speed of innovation, however, organizations should also reimagine their approach to vendor governance.

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